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Do you buy things like stocks and crypto online but aren't sure about the risks or how to pick the best ones without worry? Or are you a trader having a hard time making your trading strategies tested and work better? You're in the right spot!

Welcome to Ramblocks: Your personalized expert investment tool. No more guessing in trading and investing – handle risks like a pro with tools made easy for you. Set up, review, and activate your investment plan effortlessly, thanks to our AI that can be easily tailored specifically to your needs. Connect without hassle to your favorite brokerage or exchange and quickly automate all your investments. Boost your investing to big-league levels – experience smart investing designed for you with Ramblocks.

  • Access the top tools only used by top hedge-funds.

  • Be amazed on how easy these top tools can be.

  • Analyze and choose your customized risks to build your portfolio.

  • Analyze a portfolio risk of what you already hold.

  • Have fun with our gaming elements. 

  • Automatically deploy and track your strategies.

  • Know if the strategy you chose no longer works!

  • Be part of an exciting strategy marketplace!

  • Have a strategy curated, sold, or buy one!

  • Much more....​​

Join the Revolution with Ramblocks – You're the Change!

Gone are the days when top-tier investment tools were complex and exclusive.

We've simplified the elite, making it astonishingly easy – it's our secret. But we believe in democratizing financial power for all!


Take control of your finances like never before. We're not just empowering you – we're turning you into an expert. Your money, your mastery. Welcome to Ramblocks.


Custom Backtesting

Baffled by complex strategies? Struggling to optimize or test across multiple pairs? Don't worry. Our ROCKET system will handle the heavy lifting. Limited slots available - we specialize in high-complexity tasks and challenges that other platforms deem impossible. Let us rocket your strategies to success.


Small GPTs &

Portfolio Builder

Improve your investment skills developing your own portfolio strategies and build a portfolio tailored to your unique risk tolerance! This exclusive opportunity is perfect for university students and novice investors eager to navigate the world of finance!



Effortlessly construct your portfolio or assess the risk of your existing holdings with ease!

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